Aside from the incredibly odd weather, I must say this has been a very nice summer. Mind you, I’m not complaining about the cooler-than-normal temperatures we’ve had the past couple weeks. Anything over 80 makes for a grumpy Scott.

While the summer has been good, I have to say that this coming weekend is likely my favorite of the year. It’s filled with free food, friends and frollicking. Okay, maybe not frollicking, but I wanted a trio of Fs. I guess I could have said fun. But I think that is copywritten by McDonald’s.

Saturday I will make my apparently annual pilgrimage to the Dożynki Polish Harvest Festival at Corpus Christi Church where I will — for the third straight year — be one of the lucky ones judging the 6th Annual Buffalo’s Best Pierogi Contest.

Previous year’s pierogi have included standard sauerkraut, reuben, chicken wing, hot pepper, a cheeseburger pierogi (complete with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle), Kielbasa and cheese, a Japanese pierogi, beef on weck, Greek and more. It’s heaven.

Even without the gluttony of pierogi that I’ll be consuming, Dozynki is always a blast. Last year we went bowling at the Corpus Christi Athletic Club after I was done consuming my pierogi. It was fun. It was cheap. It was different.

If you’re looking to get out of town on Saturday, head on out to Superman Corner in Buffalo and have some tasty food and say “hi” while you’re there. I’ll be the guy loosening his belt.

But wait. That’s not all. If you act now, you get … the Taste of Lockport on Sunday.

Last year I was a judge at the Taste, as well, helping to judge the appetizer category. This year, they’ve switched things up on me and I’ll be one of the very lucky people judging the sandwich category along with Lockport Journal Sports Editor (and friend) John D’Onofrio.

Fortunately, we’ll be judging the food early in the day which means that I should have it digested well before the Taste is over so I can eat everything else.

Normally I work Sunday nights, but I took the day off so I could eat more. Lucky, lucky me.

To make a long story short  — too late? — I’m going to have a great weekend with food and people that I love. Hope to see you there. And if you’re not there, I hope you’re weekend is as happy as mine is sure to be.

Scott Leffler isn’t Polish. And he’s not originally from Lockport. But he’s going to pretend to be both this weekend — for the sake of the food. He’ll probably tweet photos of his gluttonous behaviors @scottleffler.