Yesterday, I noted that I’d been doing freelance voice-over work for the past few months and pointed out that one of the videos I’d voiced reached a major milestone: 1,000,000 views on YouTube. I’m happy to announce that the views continue to roll as it reached 1.5 million today. I also thought I’d point out a few other pieces I’d voiced, as I promised I would.

This first one is from a YouTube channel called “Strangeish.” It features scientific and paranormal anomalies. The one I voiced was about something called the Baltic Sea Anomaly, which looks like a crashed space ship. Or maybe it’s just some rocks. Who knows.

I’ve done several videos for Defense Updates, which offers three new videos per week dealing with US defense, mostly, it would appear, in the Asian rim. Some of these have really tested my pronunciation as the following example shows:

I’ve learned a lot voicing these and they try to be very current when it comes to military issues.

Another client I’ve worked with somewhat regularly is Econ Cow. The few videos I’ve voiced for them have been political in nature, which makes them particularly enjoyable for me. Also, the video style itself is a lot of fun.

An example:

Going forward, I’ll try to share videos as I learn about them. In the spirit of that intention, what follows is a new video from Did You Know, about 10 Roads You Would Never Want to Drive On:

If you’re a YouTube content creator looking for a voice, I’d be happy to discuss with you the options for my voicing your videos. Just head over to the Voice-Overs page on this site for more details and then shoot me an email to get the ball rolling.

– Scott