I promise this blog is not going to JUST be about voice-overs. In fact, later I think I might post a little something about my trip yesterday to the Walden Galleria and El Agave Mexican Restaurant. But for now, it’s more YouTube videos.

First up is “Does Your Vote Matter in Real-World Elections? (Voting #4)” from Econ Cow. I’ve said before that these are literally my favorite things to voice, largely because I genuinely enjoy the topic. I also really appreciate the style of the finished product.

For those of you who say voting is pointless, I give you some ammo:

Second is a current events video from Defense Updates: “How Powerful is North Korean Latest ICBM & Is It A Threat to U.S.?”

I like the fact that I genuinely learn from Defense Updates’ videos. Foreign policy was never my strong point. Military matters is probably my weakest point, politically speaking. I also like the fact that these videos are pretty consistent and the check always clears. 🙂

Okay. Later, I promise I’ll post something a bit more personal.