TOA PAYOH, SINGAPORE — Dozens of people were attacked by crows, as shown by a video from Singapore “citizen journalist” site, STOMP!

The video, taken by Wicky Quah, shows crows swooping towards people’s heads as they walk past a small roundabout. One person can be seen ducking and running away.

Another witness said had seen a young crow fall into the bushes in the middle of the roundabout that morning. Soon, about 10 crows began to settle around the area, presumably protecting it. Of course, birds often protect their nests by attacking anyone near it — which seems to be the case here.

According to The New Paper, last February, at least 30 people in Toa Payoh North were attacked by crows over a period of two hours.

The Bishan-Toa Payoh Town Council is working with National Parks Board (NParks)  to remove crow nests in the area. They advised the public to avoid picking up crow fledglings that may have fallen from nests, as such people may be mistaken for predators.

Watch the STOMP! video below: