The past couple days of “relative normalcy” have been a lot to process.

For the past two+ months, I have — for the most part — been in isolation. In short, once I concluded that the COVID-19 forecasts weren’t all hype, I decided that I needed to do my best to avoid people as much as humanly possible. For one thing, people are stupid. And I don’t trust them not to get me sick. Second, while I am not in a high-risk category, I have had respiratory issues since I was a smol boy. And if I get sick, I cannot work. So — isolation.

From my high castle, I have kept an eye on the world via social media, the ugliest filter imaginable from which to view the world. Through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I have categorized people into three groups: The good, the evil and the ignorant.

The good: People who recognize the dangers inherent in the Coronavirus pandemic and do their best to mitigate said dangers. They isolate, follow social distancing guidelines and wear PPE when they absolutely have to go out in public.

The evil: People who declare COVID-19 to be a “hoax,” refuse to follow social distancing and PPE suggestions under the guise of “freedom,” and suggest that the elderly and infirm are expendable to the gods of Wall Street.

The ignorant: People who are halfheartedly following either (or both) of the first two groups in the account of not knowing and/or not caring.

The same categories exist in real life, as well, of course. But for the past couple months, social media has BEEN real life.

Well I went out for a bike ride a few days ago — to Niagara Falls — and realized two things: 1) I need a new bike. And 2) A lot of people seem to fall into the second and third categories. The lack of masks and social distancing was almost frightening.

There’s not a lot I can do about the second point – except to protect myself. As for the first point, I bought a new bike (as shown above with turtle and below … without turtle).

It’s a nice bike. And since getting it, I’ve gotten out and about even more, while following social distancing guidelines, of course. I went for a nice ride Saturday, went to Tops to get some groceries on Sunday, and a nice ride today – with a stop for hot dogs from Sullivan’s, which I then ate a park (along with a tasty beer):

At Tops, I was surprised to see that a lot of the customers didn’t have masks on — or wore them on their chins. And at Sullivan’s today, NOT A SINGLE CUSTOMER had a mask on. Not. One.

So I have a dilemma. Isolation is draining. I have been CONSTANTLY tired, primarily from lack of activity. BUT I CANNOT get sick. I refuse to allow the evil and ignorant to ruin my life.

So now what? Retreat to isolation? Roll the dice and hope? Or add 30-feet to my social distancing repertoire? That means no more grocery stores, no more stopping at a hot dog stand for dinner, and no stopping anywhere there’s other people. In short, “public isolation.”

I’m leaning towards “public isolation.” But I’m not 100% sure. I think I’ll sleep on it. Today’s 13-mile bike ride burned 600+ calories. So at least I should sleep well.

Of course, before I get to sleep, I need to get some work done. On that note, I recently celebrated three years of doing narration full time. What began as an effort to “make a few extra dollars,” has turned into a whole new life, really. I’m glad to be able to do it.

Which is why I can’t get sick.