Random: Occasionally I’ll start to post something on Twitter and I’ll notice that I’m going to exceed my 280-word allowance. So I make it a thread. Then as I get to the end of that thread, I think, “I should have made this a blog post.” That’s how the following post came to be: 

A few years into the “voice assistant wars,” I’m still stuck between Google Assistant/Home/Nest and Amazon Alexa. Each does some things well. And each has pitfalls. As such, I have both and I use them for different things. But I find I use Google Home less and less.

Now, for the record, I’m big on home automation. I have several automated/voice-enabled plugs and lights. And a voice assistant in pretty much every room, including my bathroom.

I had started with an Amazon Echo (the big one) a few years ago. And honestly,  loved it. It put out great sound and it was pretty helpful with some things. But not so helpful with others.

Then Google entered the fray with its Google Home. I figured I’d try it. I liked the Google integration, like being able to sync my to-do list with Google Keep, for example. And I found it generally more helpful with certain things like asking for a business phone number, hours, etc. So I loaded up on Google Homes.

Meanwhile, Amazon started sending a free Amazon Dot with every little thing you did. Buy an audio book? Get a free Dot. Delay your shipping? Get a free Dot. So I have enough of each devices for every room in the house. And then some. I actually have an unopened Dot in my desk at work. In case I build another room, maybe?

Where Google really prevails is its integration on my phone. I have a Pixel. So it’s just *there.*

BUT Google doesn’t seem to always understand me.

“Hey, Google. Turn on the desk fan, please.” … “I’m sorry, I can’t find that device.” I have come to realize that it’s looking for a device named “Desk Fan Please.” But I can’t get out of the habit of being polite, apparently. It’s a struggle.

Alexa understands me better. But lacks the full integration. BUT, I find it’s easier to set certain things up on.

I have Google Play Music / YouTube Premium. But I don’t care for YouTube Music and I’m mad that Google is getting rid of Google Play Music. Why must they eliminate things at what seems like random. (I could do a whole ‘nother post on Hangouts).

I also have Amazon Music Unlimited, which I find to be a far superior service.

In the end, I feel like it’s six of one and half-a-dozen of the other. But lately, I lean towards Alexa. 

I wonder what others think?