Here’s me. At work. Blogging away.

I checked out some of my friends MySpace pages and noticed that some people have packed on the friends – good for them. I’m glad to see some folks embracing MySpace. I’m sad to see that some are ignoring it altogether – despite pleas that they check it out.

The Forum at seems stuck in constant “he said – she said” mode. I’m not sure if everyone has noticed that I’ve taken a leave of absence. A few have, obviously. In fact I’ve gotten a couple emails asking me not to shut it down. At this point, I have no plan in shutting the forum down, but I am leaning towards making it “members only” and deleting anyone with more than one account. For now, I’ll just lay back a few more days and collect my thoughts.

The Amazing Race ends tonight. And it ends right here in Niagara. How cool is that? I started watching this season just because I knew it ended here in WNY. My wife has liked this show for a while. I’m a new convert. But as I’ve said before I’m a big reality show junkie.

I’m not sure what I’m talking about today on Dialog. We’ll just have to wait and see.