I ran across a bunch of cool stuff, so I thought I’d post another blog …

First of all, in honor of Valentines Day, I created a special valentine for all my online friends. If you didn’t get yours, there’s a replica of it below …

While searching for a Brokeback photo to put on the valentine, I ran across a great movie preview parody of the gay cowboy epic. It’s definately worth the time if you’ve got the bandwitch, click here. If not, just trust me when I tell you, you’re missing out.

I want a new Palm Pilot. Having done my taxes and expecting the return on Friday (e-filing ROCKS), I’m hoping to buy one in the not too distant future. Like the next couple weeks. I want one with Wi-Fi. I know there’s a couple places in the area that offer free Wi-Fi … one being the Brewhaus and the other being Paneras. Anyone know of any others? Any help would be greatly
appreciated. As far as the Palm Pilot itself, I’m currently leaning towards the Palm Tungsten C. Anyone have one? Love it? Hate it? Want to sell it cheap? Let me know.

Got a letter from my friends at NewfaneCares. The text follows:

Hello again Newfane C.A.R.E.S. members:

Tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon (4:30pm at the N.E.C.C. building) the School Board
is holding the first of only two (scheduled) forums where they will accept
public input on the development of the 2006-2007 district budget. The forums
that they boast about in the budget calendar are after adoption of the budget. In essence they try explain why they need the spending levels that they have already approved. The second public input session is on the same night the budget is scheduled to be adopted. Public input there will have no impact on the crafting of the budget
either way. So tomorrow is it for questions!

If anyone has specific questions regarding the spending plan for 2006-2007 you
should either; 1) attend the meeting Tuesday afternoon or 2) forward your
questions via email so they can be asked by those in attendance. This is one of
the few times where there is no time limit for questions or limits on what can
be asked.

Please forward your questions to:


Thank you for your support.

I’m still laughing (literally) over this “Vice President shoots hunter” story … but now is where the news takes flight. A British paper is reporting that the Veep is taking heat for trying to cover up the shooting. I’m not sure I buy it … but then again, it was almost a whole day after it happened that it finally came out. Another story – this one in the Wall Street Journal – explains a little bit of the back story. This wasn’t just some huntin’ buddy. He was Mr. GOP in Texas. Interesting stuff. The funniest part in the WSJ piece is the right-wingers who comment at
the end that the author was implying that Cheney shot the guy on purpose. Um …
yeah … I just don’t see that impication. Do you?

Another story with legal implications … this one one The Great One, Wayne Gretzky. I never liked him. I hope he goes down. Frogmarch his ass in front of congress in an ankle bracelet. Mr. “there’s too much fighting in hockey.” Idiot. I hope they put him in a “pound me in the ass
prison” with Mike Tyson or something. Jerk.

But Pete Rose should be allowed in the Hall of Fame.

More and more seems to come out all the time about secret pacts between Bush and lapdog Blair. Looks like January 2003 is when they decided to go to war. Oh, and they had
plans to paint planes like they were UN planes and try to get Iraq to fire on
them in order to say they were ignoring UN sanctions
. Are you f’n kidding me?

Okay. I’ve said too much. I’ll talk to ya’ll tomorrow. Or something.