I got a press release from the Mesi camp tonight exclaiming “Baby” Joe had been endorsed by the Erie County Conservative Party.

61st District – The Erie County Conservative Party has announced itsrecommendation of Joe Mesi for State Senate. Recognizing that Joe Mesi isa fiscal conservative dedicated to cutting wasteful (spending), the Erie CountyConservative Party is confident he will work to bring fiscalresponsibility back to Albany.
Erie County Conservative Party Chairman, Ralph C. Lorigo said the partydecided to recommend Mesi after meeting with him Thursday night.“He understands that the taxpayers in Erie County have been hit hard bythis economy, and wants to help them get back on their feet by bringingfiscal restraint to the Capital,” Lorgio said.
“I am grateful for Conservative Party’s support,” said Mesi. “This year,we face difficult economic times, and yet Albany voted to increasespending in our State Budget. Having run my own business, I know it’simportant not to spend more than you take in and I think the politiciansin Albany have forgotten this rule. I will work hard to bring fiscalresponsibility to our State Legislature.”

The Conservative Party of New York State was formed in 1962 and is dedicated to the individual freedom, individual responsibility andindividual effort. The Conservative Party has attracted voters from aroundthe state and now boasts a membership of nearly 170,000 members. TheParty has successfully led campaigns to defeat proposed changes to termlimits, excessive School Bond Acts, and expensive transportation bonds.Statewide, the Party has forged strong links to Republicans and Democratsof compatible views and is has established itself as a strong politicalpresence in Western New York, and throughout the state.

Erie County politics are so different from what I’m used to in Niagara County. First we saw the GOP endorse Diane LeVallee (a Democrat) for district attorney today. Then the Conservative Party endorses Joe Mesi (a Democrat) for the 61st Senate.
For more on Mesi, check his web site.