Here’s a great little story from Tim Marren in the US&J blog …

Well, apparently we ticked off some people associated with the Molson Canal Concert Series here in Lockport by listing the concerts in Thursday’s paper. Aw shucks.

From David Ulrich via e-mail: “Since you did not wait until Friday per your email we lost the front cover of Gusto – circulation 250,000.”

Tim goes on to explain that the concert organizer, Kathy Paradowski, had sent the list of bands to all the media … except the Union Sun. So when the US&J got it – thinking they were being burned by Paradowski – they ran it.

Here’s a link …

What Tim didn’t know is that Paradowski hadn’t sent that list to WLVL either.

But they wanted the Buffalo News to get first dibs.

Tim Marren and I were two of this concert series’ biggest cheerleaders … and the organizer wanted to hand deliver a scoop to the Buffalo News, which, to my knowledge had not promoted the idea of this concert.

I wonder if this is what we’re in for?

Fortunately for the US&J … Mayor Mike Tucker shared the list with them … and fortunately for WLVL, we had an interview with Tucker scheduled for 6:30 this morning … and he dished to us.

I just think this Paradowski is strange … wanting to put Lockport on the Map … and ignoring Lockport’s two media outlets while doing it.

One thought on “Marren: Concert promoter upset the US&J ran the lineup”
  1. Hey Scott,

    Hopefully we’re not making this a bigger deal than it is, but something is strange about her not including the paper and radio station.

    As it goes, they’ll need us just as much as we need them, just didn’t think it would be as tough for us to get a positive story out there.

    You shouldn’t have to dig this hard for concert stories…this isn’t Watergate

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