5 thoughts on “Video commentary: Arresting LHS students is a joke”
  1. I can understand the tresspassing. Heck they been doing that for years. But assault? Thats reaching a bit. I would like to see the actual statement this V-pres gave to the officers to claim assault? IF he was kicked sure, but in the process of falling? unlikely. I cant see possible grounds for an assualt charge there imo..

  2. Just so I am clear, Scott….you think the Vice Principal is in the wrong…..the kids were skating in the halls when they were not supposed to be in the building….isn’t it the responsibility of the administration to ensure the safety of the others that attend? I envision all parents are a little more comfortable knowing that the administration has taken a stance against renegade behavior. The senior prank is funny when there are gnomes in the lawn, fish in the toilets, or sale signs in front of the building – however, it becomes a concern when children’s safety is jeopardized. Just my opinion. – Tom

  3. I go to lockport high school. the kids were trying to pull a prank. like scott said let them take there lap and let them leave. it was during the ninth period of the day so no one was even in the halls. so, no ones saftey was at jeopardy. the principal tried to take out the kid to stop him and they both fell. that is not assault. and sure tresspassing but they only got in trouble for that again bc the principal got hurt. if he hadnt got hurt nothnig would have been charged. they just wouldnt be allowed to walk on stage and me personally knowing the 5. they dont care anyway.

  4. hmm so tom grzebinski you think the gnome prank was more harmless. thats kinda funny to me considering a real criminal act was done in that prank bc the gnomes were stolen. i was one of the 5 involved in this prank and i was actually skating right behind andy when he was tackled. agronin lied when he said he went out and saw 4 skate past him bc me and brandon were behind andy. andy had NO WAY of avoiding agronin bc agronin grabed him before he had any time to react. agronin got hurt bc of his own stupidity.

  5. Teachers & security came out in the halls & cheered for these students,why were they not watching the other students in the classrooms.What actions are going to be taken against these people.I hope that these people come forward & help these boys.Harmless prank till superman with an old knee injury stepped in.Are we as tax payers going to be paying for an old injury??????????No vandalism,theft,alcohol,or drugs involved.But lets tar,feather,& hang these young boys like Newfane did last year.

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