Today on Reason I talked about the war between animals and humans. More and more it seems like animals are rebelling against our God-granted superiority. Leslie talked about a sea gull that poop-bombed her at a concert last night. Frank discussed a fight he had with a six-foot-tall turkey (I don’t believe it was really that tall), and we’ve all seen uppity sea gulls and pigeons around Western New York.

After the show, I found out that Culver Communications’ engineer Mike Ridley was attacked by a cat … then this. If you follow the link, you will read a story that Mercy Flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Lancaster because their chopper was attacked by a bird. The comments below the story indicate that I’m not the only one that’s noticed a pattern. One says, “Has anyone else noticed what is happening with the birds this year. Several have flown into my car, and the back door of my home. Several of my co workers have commented on this also! Is there something in the water? Something they are telling us?

It’s kind of scary – this war against mankind. Keep checking back for updates. We’ll win this fight together.

It’s almost an afterthought now, but here’s a link to the video of the turkey attacking a cop … it’s good stuff.

2 thoughts on “The war is on!”
  1. A coyote tried to get me last month while I was turkey hunting (thought I was dinner). That’s the second time that’s happened.

    I’ve also had run-ins with bears and bats in years past.

  2. My new favorite youtube video:

    and for some more proof of evil these twisted birds are:

    Looks like I’m not the only one…

    @bob confer: notice how a…TURKEY…was involved?

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