This morning on Reason, I discussed the ongoing fight between Mayor Byron Brown and the Buffalo Police Union. First the mayor wanted to curtail spending by limiting the number of city cars going home – which the union fought. Then he said he found out injured police have taken other jobs … when they allegedly can’t do their own. Who’s right? I tend to side with elected officials when they want to save money.

I discussed an old dude getting attacked by birds in Toronto. The photo at the right is the real photo that accompanied the story in the (Canadian) National Post.

I also played a bit from Onion Radio, in which Congress purportedly raised the “licking maple syrup off your plate” age limit to 13.

Update: The Buffalo News reported this afternoon that the cars can continue to go home with the police … for another two weeks while the judge makes a decision.

On Dialog, I tried to talk about the two races in Niagara County with three contestants each; NY Congress 26 and NY State Senate 62. The first call however, talked about one particular issue in the senate race: PCB’s. And that remained the topic for the remainder of the show.

Niagara County Legislator John Ceretto called in to say he’d be sponsoring a resolution at the legislature’s next meeting, July 22nd. Let’s rally behind John to prevent these PBC’s from coming here.

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