For some reason, a few bloggers today have decided to talk about yours truly.

The folks at Niagara Times ask:

When local media outlets talk or write about political happenings in the county, are they helping or hurting the political environment? Scott Leffler, who hosts Dialog on WLVL, despises many of the local, state and federal politicos. With Leffler, his disdain is primarily directed at the GOP, who have been very successful over the past three election cycles in Niagara County. So when Leffler goes on the air railing the incumbents, is he moving politics in the county forward, or is he setting them back?

And Larry Castellani at the similarly named Niagara Journal says:

I hope you were listening to the Scott Leffler show on WLVL this morning. He may be the new political voice of Niagara County. The management of WLVL should give him another hour if he continues to have shows like today’s.

Meanwhile, Buffalo Pundit lists some Niagara County voices, including me, Larry’s blog, Bob Confer, and Niagara’s Voice, a blog run by Town of Niagara Councilman Rob Clark.

My opinion on these matters (it is afterall, what I do) is that it is not my job to move things forward nor set them back, but to speak truth and let you decide what to do with it … and I don’t think I’m the new political voice of the county either, but I’m glad to be A voice. And I’m honored that a pillar of the blogging community like Buffalo Pundit would include me in his list.

2 thoughts on “It’s all about me!”
  1. Thanks for the plug Scott. You seem to be a popular person these days. The difference between you and our blogs is that you are looking at both ends of the story. Your not stirring the pot or creating a controversy. That makes you even more dangerous than most people. Keep up the good work.

  2. So do you think your next on there list? If you remember this is how they started the Christy “witch hunt”.

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