Dialog show notes only today because Reason was a “previously enjoyed” episode … on account of complete power failure in Lockport.

And on Dialog the show started late on account of the press conference for the Lockport Ice and Recreation Center, which WLVL carried live. And given the importance of the press conference, the new arena was the topic dujour.

A caller said I should be the weenie of the week for saying yesterday that I couldn’t talk about the topic until after today’s press conference – only to have Doug Young report on it bright and early at 6 a.m. today. The reason for that, though, is that we were asked not to release the information until the press conference, which the group kindly set for 11:05 so we could carry it live from the beginning.

Anyway, although we had agreed to keep mum on the topic, it broke in this morning’s paper, so WLVL reported it earlier than we had planned. I’m not sure if the US&J was asked to hold off on the information or not, though.

I think the planned arena will be a huge boon for Lockport, both economically and in terms of morale. As one of the speakers at the press conference put it, maybe we won’t have kids say “there’s nothing to do in Lockport.”

There’s still alot of work before the arena becomes a reality, but today’s announcement was a big piece of the puzzle.

One thought on “Dialog show notes 071608”
  1. I am VERY excited about an ice arena in Lockport. The wife is gonna start popping out kids in a year or so and I hope they have interest in hockey. With this arena it’s convenient. Without it, youth hockey becomes a nightmare with having to drive the kids all over creation.

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