Marcia Pappas, president of New York’s chapter of the National Organization for Women, has asked Obama to placate female voters with promises of “gifts.” Such as:

  • Four or five pro-choice, women appointed to the US Supreme Court, plus a pro-choice litmus test for all lower-court appointments.
  • Replace DNC Chairman Howard Dean with a woman “who will not sit back quietly whil sexist attacks are levid against women candidates.”
  • Ensure superdelegates reflect gender equality.
  • Change the primary system (Pappas deems caucuses “not democratic” and wants to allow secret ballots so women aren’t “intimidated” and can “vote their conscience.”

Apparently, sexism is still okay … as long as it’s from a female-dominant position.

I had Marcia on Dialog back in 2005. She didn’t seem so loony then. The podcast is here.

One thought on “New York’s NOW chief asks Obama to give women “gifts””
  1. Where can you possibly see a female dominant position. We are over half the population, yet in over 200 years we have not had a woman President or VP. Probably won’t have one now in my lifetime. Out of nine Supreme Court justices- we have one woman. (hardly dominating the Supreme Court). maybe 10% of the Senate and Congress are women (hardly dominating there).There has never been a woman chair of the DNC (hardly dominating there). We lost a most fantastic opportunity- that will probably not come again in our lifetime. We want to see some substantial progress toward parity in other venues to make up for our loss. It is time that all these so called “liberal” men started to appreciate the sexism in our society instead of poking fun and denigrating women who are fighting it.

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