5 thoughts on “CIG Poll …”
  1. Ridiculous! I moved away thank God! Now my kids will be attending a non contaminated school. Some people in Middleport are wearing blinders provided by FMC….ya gotta be a moron!

  2. Call me a moron then!! I have been called worse!

    This poll is a joke anyways. You’re allowed to vote once a day so it can cause biased results one way or the other. Though I do think it is running true to what people believe in Middleport.

  3. I’m not sure who the moron is… those that make blanket statements without understanding the true nature of the problem or the ones in Middleport who have taken the time to study the situation and come to the conclusion that cleaning up slightly elevated levels in landscaped yards is a waste of time and money. No one is disputing that certain areas of the village with higher levels of contamination need cleaning up. As for the school, it’s been cleaned up and is now considered save by the EPA, DEC and DOH.

  4. Why should anyone believe what FMC, the DEC, EPA, DOH, AAA, ABC, and 123 have to say? Don’t you think our county’s past should make us a little more leery and less likely to just take their word for it?

  5. When the EPA, DEC and DOH come in and say there may be a problem and a clean up has to be done, it gets everyone’s attention and many people think we have to do as they say. But when the cleanup is done or testing shows no appreciable problem, those organizations are not believed. Sounds weird to me!!!!

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