According to Buffalo Rising, there were 3,000 people in attendance at yesterday’s Brewfest.

The post acknowledges that it was crowded, but basically puts anyone who says it was overcrowded into the category of “typical whiner.”

There’s a photo in the post taken after mine was taken that better illustrates just how crowded it was.

One thought on “Brewfest update: 3000 were there …”
  1. the brewfest was the biggest disappointment this year bar none! your goddam right i’m going to whine if I have to wait 15 minutes to get a single sample. deplorable, suffocating conditions. it was like riding the crowded metro rail after a hockey game, except riding it for 3 hours! the smell of molasses porter and armpit mixed real well. again, buffalo found a way to “f” it up. too bad, i love brewfests and maybe this was the kicker to get out of buffalo for one next year.

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