I’ll be talking about a recent column by Michael Niman … and discussing it with Dr. Niman himself.

This gist of the column:

Put down the Kool-Aid and think about this for a minute. The Republicans, the party that runs the White House, commands foreign and economic policy, exercises veto power over Congress, and has in fact run the Congress and locked Democrats out of policy discussion for most of its own Republican presidency, is now asking the American people to vote for “change” by keeping them in power for four more years. The party in power is the party of change. Vote for change by returning them to power. This is beyond any doublespeak that Orwell conceived of.

One thought on “This morning on Reason …”
  1. I buy into this – McCain is more of an independent. Not that Palin is on the ticket, I think more people will see it this way. The DEMS talk about change but with Joe it looks like more of the same.

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