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3 thoughts on “Front pages for Sept. 15”
  1. I’m waiting and hoping but I’m not optimistic about any of you listeners calling with a positive comment about anything. It’s nothing but bitch, bitch and bitch about what wrong with county government. I’d like to see a few of your flock come together and be catalyst for change. Any of your callers can get involved at the grass root committee level – if they show up in force and have the public backing, they will make change. But unfortunately, that’s way way to hard for your merry band – they rather just ….

  2. That’s a very brave anonymous comment. Of course, the public has shown up en mass on a number of occasions … only to be ignored … or worse yet, thrown out. So please forgive them if they express displeasure with the county government they’re paying for.

  3. Get involved – work for change within the system… Just saying “throw the bums out” is the lazy man’s approach to politics.

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