News, notes and necessities

items of interest the week of Sept. 15, 2008

an occasional update from me, Scott Leffler

News: Some of my favorite people will be joining me on radio this week, staring with Greater Niagara News Sports Editor Tim Schmitt on Reason at 10 a.m. Monday to talk about the Bills win. Over on WLVL, Bob Confer will join me at 11:15 with his weekly Albany Update.

On Tuesday, I’m still hoping to talk with former Erie County GOP Chair Bob Davis at 10 a.m. … and then Mark Twain (as played by Mike Randall) will join me at 11:15 on Dialog. He’s playing the Palace this Saturday and I thought I’d give you all a taste.

Wednesday, fellow talk show host Chris Markowski will be joining me on Reason to talk about all the financial bailouts by the federal government and why they’re not really helping the situation.

And On Friday, We’ll talk hockey on Reason, and Tim Marren from the Union Sun & Journal joins me on Dialog.

Notes: Looks like web voters were most surprised by the outcome in the 26th Congressional District. And no one was shocked that Volker won his primary. For the full results of the poll, click here. The newest poll asks about the Bills. Will they make the playoffs this year? Or will they find a way to implode? Vote online at

In all, I made 25 posts to the blog last week. And there were 29 comments on those posts (not including all the comments in the live blog from Tuesday night’s primary coverage.) Nice to see more people getting involved, but don’t forget that there’s also a forum on the website, which allows you to post any time … on anything. If you’re talking about something that’s NOT on the blog, that’s a better place for it.

Necessities: I’m usually a huge fan of anything Google does, but this week I’m actually going to advise that you stay away from their latest product. Chrome is Google’s new web browser. But it’s just not ready for prime time yet. It doesn’t seem to load right on several pages I visit regularly. And it’s not compatible with Google Toolbar, making it mostly useless to me.

I’m also going to advise against downloading and using NFL Mobile Live from Sprint. It’s boring. It’s basically a web page. What’s the point? However, Sprint has another product that I’m loving: Sprint Mobile Email for Palm. I’m using it on my Treo and it’s been great. I usually just access my GMail via the phone’s browser, but Sprint Mobile Email for Palm has a much better user interface and actually makes writing email easy on the palm.

One thought on “Newsletter for Sept. 15, 2008”
  1. I enjoyed Mike Randall on your show today. Always love his rendition of Samuel Clemens.

    You’re right about Chrome. It’s not ready for prime-time, but it shows promise and has some good ideas in it.

    If nothing else, it may force the others to rethink their browsers.

    Firefox is still my favorite, but it’s starting to suffer from bloat. Maybe they will take some things from Chromes’ page and streamline it in their next version.

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