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22 thoughts on “Veep Debate Liveblog …”
  1. Cool Scott- does this mean no softball tonight? Looking forward to the liveblog and the debate.

  2. On a one:one basis, I say it’s about even right now, with Biden maybe slightly ahead….
    6:5 Biden
    Lou R.

  3. Sarah: Too smiley. At times, near “giddy.” “Folksy.” Sound LESS Canadian, eh!

  4. Biden’s enviro points here are important, however, there is NO “clean nuclear.” That needs a re-think all around. I like the fact that this is going more “mainstream,” at the least.

  5. I watched “Fargo” last night. “Me an da kids made The Popcorn and had The Vernors..”

  6. New – Cue – Lur.


    Also, Kim Jung Illl.

    You should be able to join the “real” liveblog now. I think we’re under capacity.

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