I offer these two emails without commentary. I have edited the one slightly simply to hide the writers identity …

1) Hi Scott (Email Writer) here.I live here in Lockport.Im a Christian and a Veteran..somebodys good friend and a father and grandfather..i attend (church)..im funny and caring…However..as somebody whose done tons of research,are you gonna sit and there and watch our country destroyed and taken over?theres like a 100 national writers on townhall.com.Conservative …black conservative .jewish christian etc i also scan the christian radio and tv etc.as well as fox etc..Cant you see that they are deliberately destroying our country?we are two thirds toward a complete Communist Muslim takeover and you dont say nothing!you keep goin on and on about side stuff and we are being destroyed ie Clowardpevin plan etc check it on google how about Chuck Norris etc on Townhall.com..Hal Lindsey talked about it Chuck Missler..Glen Beck..The Cloward pevin Plan etc..so we have a Communist Muslim in power?..i want my country back..yes like Andy Griffith ..Family Matters Cosby etc John Wayne..hey your either blind as a Bat or you want us destroyed.Which is it?some people have said to me Scott Leffler is becoming more Conservative..we can round file that ..when christians and conservatives are hunted down and persecuted where will you be?My prediction is that he will succeed in destroying us..ill keep fighting and you can keep writing about gay rights and Soda Pop taxes while Rome Burns..My Hope and my prayer is that you do care..if so wakeup like Chuck Norris and others and Show it!!!!!!

2) I liked your article about Paladino. I’m running for Governor and I have a reason you might find acceptable.

If I get 50,000 votes (about 1%), the Libertarian Party gets ballot access for the next four years.

And maybe I can draw attention to some issues (like the budget instead of the mosque).

Campaign site is wredlich.com/ny if you’re interested.


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